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Email and phone enquiries will be attended to promptly Monday - Friday 8.30am to 6pm, Saturday 9:00am to Noon. We contracts all services by email, so emailing us with the details of your move is definitely the most efficient way to make a date enquiry, get an estimate or book a service. We'll need to know your full name and phone number, the date and preferred time of your move and the full address details for all locations. The cost of your move will be determined by 3 things — the load size access and your level of preparedness. The more accurate the information you provide the more confident you'll be with cost estimate we'll provide. List the larger items and then tell us how many boxes, bags and pot plants you have.  It is better to over estimate if you are unsure. Tell us about the access. Will loading be quick and easy or will we need to carry everything up a zig-zag or stairs.  Is there elevator access to your apartment? Be well prepared.  We'll have tools to dismantle and reassemble beds and other items, but we expect you to be packed and "ready for loading". If you require assistance with packing please let us know in advance. Greg Berge Services Manager VanMan and VanMan.nz are the trading names of VanMan.nz Limited.